How's the Market...and a GIANT Myth

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FANTASTIC. If you price it just right, prep it "show ready" and hire a team who understands how to use social media analytics to get your home viewed by the maximum amount of qualified buyers and agents. (just look at the picture below for proof) 😀

NOT SO GREAT: If you get greedy, pricing too high. You quickly become the day old donut in this market. If you don't prep your home "show ready" and fail to hire an Realtor who uses advanced photographers. If you just throw the home up on the MLS, post to your Realtors social media page and hope buyers come flocking. 👎🏼


FANTASTIC. If you are Pre Approved (A MUST!), not contingent on your current home being sold and keep the terms as clean as possible 💪🏽

NOT SO GREAT: If you are NOT pre approved, find the home of your dreams but write an offer contingent on your current home selling and finally, you hire an agent who isn't a true pro. Pro agents are well connected and know about homes before they hit the market! 😏


"The market is hot anyone can just put my home on the market and it will sell."

"This area sells itself so I should just go with the cheapest real estate agent."

"Anyone can sell a home this nice."

Unfortunately these myths exist in the real estate market and they cost sellers tens of thousands of dollars, wasted time, and unnecessary stress.

In a hot seller’s market like we are in, these little lies get even BIGGER.

Unfortunately, so do the consequences.

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The RP Team