Fed Dropped the Fed Funds Rate to 0%

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Real Estate

The fed dropped the fed funds rate all the way to zero %. What does this mean for us?

Lots of emotions about what is happening around our world and our communities, families, friends and healthcare heroes. Feeling a rush of gratefulness today for all of the people taking care of everyone - from nurses to doctors, grocery store employees, teachers sending ideas, volunteers, etc. THANK YOU for being brave and sending a message of calm and "we've got this, together" to all of us.

We have gotten a flood of emails, texts and calls from clients and those who were thinking about buying/selling with the question, "how is our real estate market responding? What should we be considering?" . We will have a full post on this in a bit, but for now, here is a direct message from our #1 lender, Ryan Luechtefeld. Thanks Ryan!

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